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Buildings can be wonderful things


About us


We think buildings can be wonderful things

Seeing how much of our lives we all spend inside them, they really should be as wonderful as possible.


Founder, Nicola Dovey, has over ten years’ experience working at many scales and across many programs, from universities and stadiums to schools, community centres, apartment buildings, museums, houses, restaurants, shops and offices, winning awards along the way.

Our focus at Drawing Room Architecture is in providing a holistic approach to design projects, working with our clients to create master plans all the way down to selecting the furniture. Its important to get the broad strokes right from the outset; understanding the site, brief and budget and the best opportunities these present. Then we take care and delight in the details and materials, after all these are the elements we touch and see everyday. 

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Nicola Dovey

We have very supportive clients who show us a lot of trust and respect, leading to mutually satisfying outcomes, and great working relationships.

We have also cultivated a wonderful team of consultants and builders that we work with regularly, giving our clients piece of mind that the whole project is taken care of.

Drawing Room Architecture’s goal is to produce great work and outcomes, and foster great relationships with our team and clients, to make the process an enjoyable and productive one.

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